Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's Irish and lays out in the yard?

Why Patty O' Furniture, of course.
I thought winter was setting in, but Gma always has an eye out for a deal.  Last weekend she assembled her new patio furniture set.  It is actually as nice as summer right now and I  guess we'll test it out on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Gma unpacks

Puts together

Tight enough?
Nothing to it!

Looks like it was worth it!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

CJ Plays Baseball

Grandpa got a new lens for his camera and went out to put it to the test at Cayden's baseball game, Saturday 10/27.
CJ is growing into such a good little ball player and a great young man.
He's hitting well and the coach has him pitching some.
It's been a lot of fun and we'll hate to see the season come to an end soon.
Here are some pictures from yesterday.
A little advice from the coach

On Deck

Waiting for the right pitch

Smile for GrandPa

Waiting for the right pitch

Waiting on second

At shortstop

At Bat

On the mound

The windup...


....the pitch

Staring down the batter

Monday, July 9, 2012

Which came first?

Several  months ago, Gma announced to me that she thought it would be a terrific idea if we had some chickens.  "Huh?" I said.  "You heard me", said she, then went on about how easy it was and "she read bla bla...", and "she heard bla bla..." and so on and so on.  Well I says to my self, "self", I says, "you know I do (practically) everything Gma wants, or how else is it we'd been married so many years?
So Mothers Day and Gma's birthday are usually one in the same, so I surprised her by getting her a book, and some other chicken necessities, and told her I had been secretly building a chicken coop.  So we (CJ and I ) proceed to try and complete the hen house.  I decided to try and make it kinda nice in case I had to move into it some day.

 Is this a surprised look, or what?

 We make a flat spot for the coop

Putting up the framing

CJ works on building the door

Putting on the roof

GMa making a progress inspection

Putting on the door

CJ working away

We I think it was around May 14th when we told GMa about it, but several things popped up, including someones wedding,  delaying the project.  We finally put the finishing touches on the coop today, July 8th.  We had to get it done because we now need to turn our attention into preparing the back yard for another wedding!

Famers GMa and GPa!

Stay tuned.  We hope to get chickens next weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baseball 2012 - Let the Season Begin

The 2012 LL season officially got underway tonight and CJ went 1 for 2, got a solid hit, and stole home for a run.  Tigers win (the first time in 3 years we're not Red Sox).  Looking forward to a new season of chilly-billy's.
Good job, CJ!

CJ on 3rd

Catcher misses ball

CJ steaming home

Run Cayden, run


Tigers win!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day '12

I'm usually not such a procrastinator, and had good intentions for Valentine's day this year.  It wasn't that I wasn't planning on it, but looking back I now realize I was just stupid.  A few years back they opened an Edible Arrangements store near our shop.  That's really cool because it's easier to go in there and select something than doing it on the Internet, plus there's no shipping costs.  Well I have used the place a few times and planned on it for this years V day.  I just figured I'd cruise on in there the day before and order something, right?  We'll I went there on the morning of the 13th and was surprised to see that there were no customers there.  I've been to See's Candy the day or two before a holiday and there was always a line, but no problem.  We'll it completely escaped my thought process that this was a different deal. It also didn't occur  to me that these items are much more perishable than candy, and are made to order.  Lastly, I usually use this place for birthdays, anniversaries, and such, and don't believe I've gone there for a day when many, many people had the same idea.
I walked into the place and there was a very nervous man behind the counter.  I remarked that I was very surprised to be the only one there.  He said "I hope you're not here for Valentine's day"  Oops, my first hint of a problem.  He went on to explain that they start taking orders for V day "THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING".  Oops again.  In retrospectI'm SURE the guy was thinking "What kind of clown waltzes into a place like this the day before a major wife-gift-kinda-day and thinks he can just belly up to the bar and get want he wants?"
So next year, see you on Black Friday!
The funny thing was, I confessed to Grandma later that day while we were on our daily walk.  She cracked up and told me that she had done the very same thing, although when she was there, there were two other women there also.  I can't imagine how much last minute business they must turn away, but it must be a ton.  The man was nervous because he explained he didn't even know if he could fill all the orders he had.
So the picture above shows the replacement.  Luckily, Escondido is home to one of the world's greatest donut shops, Perterson's, better known as the 9th ave donut shop.  I KNEW they wouldn't let me down, but I did get the apparent last giant heart donut they had in the window.
I'll do better next year.
Love you Grandma!!!  Happy Valentine's day!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Eve 2012

This year GMa and I were home with the kids for New Years Eve.  It was a fun evening and everyone was supposed to come up with an activity.
We started by playing Bingo, then went on to a message hunt, a"win it in a minute" game, and  Wii games.  I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time!

 It looks like Brooklyn's thinking "Wow, where did the year go"?   I agree!
Shawna called a bingo game.
CJ wins @ Bingo (did I mention that there were prizes)?

Bingo in action.

Minute to win it - stacking the cups by removing the papers from between them.

Another MTWI - Bouncing and catching ping pong balls in cups.

GMa trying to bounce pencils  into cups in yet another MTWI competition.

Bonnie wins at Bingo!

Intense Wii action.

I don't think CJ and Bon are going to make it to midnight!

Everyone gets ready as midnight approaches.

Out in the street to celebrate!  Yea!!!

Is Aubs possessed?

Happy New Year!

That's a good look, Shawn!

Well goodbye to 2011 and hello 2012.  It was a good year, but we hope this year will be even better.
It was really nice having everyone home for the holidays, but the peace a quiet is nice too.

Happy New year to all of our family and friends and let's have some great adventures this year!!!!